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100 NGOs Participate in Al Quds International Forum EXhibition

 Thursday 15 November 2007, 07:36 PM

 More than 100 NGOs participated in the exhibition that took place within Al Quds International Forum.

Organized by Turkey’s Waqf for Volunteering Organizations, the exhibition aims at supporting the Palestine cause in general, and al Quds in particular.
The exhibition’s partitions feature photographs, paintings, cartoons, and arts, in addition to books, other publications, and documentaries.
One of the participating organizations was Al Bayan Intellecutal Insitute, which is based in Saudi Arabia. Its marketing manager, Adel Huzein, said that the particpation of its organization aims at supporting the Palestine  
Cause and Jeruasalem.
Also the National Committee for Detainees in Jordan took part in the exhibition, serving to raise awareness about Jordanian detainees in Israeli prisons.
The Committee’s Rapporteur Maysara Mals said that the issue of detainees is an important part of the Palestine cause, as those detainees sacrificed their freedom for the Palestine Cause. He called upon the forum not to ignore this issue.
The biggest partitian was that of Al Quds International Institute. It was croweded with visitors.
The Institute’s Fady Yashmah, who is in charge of exhibitions, asserted that the Exhibition is an integral event within the Forum.

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