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The Program


Thursday, 15/ 11/2007

Sessions and Speeches


Opening Ceremony

10:00 –12:30

Opening up of exhibitions, prayer, and lunch break


The Separation Wall: Suffering & Responsibility

(1) The Reality and the Suffering in Al-Quds: Insiders Testimony

The Holy Land and the Mosque

The Old City

The injured and disabled
Freedom of movement
Al-Maghariba District
Law & judicial system
The alleged temple
Orthodox Church
16:00 – 18:00
18:00 – 18:15

Residence in Al-Quds: Reality and Challenges

(2) The Reality and the Suffering in Al-Quds: Insiders Testimony

Relief Work
Role of women
Natural resources
Arab districts
Foundations in Al-Quds
Cooperation between NGOs
18:15 – 19:45

Poetry and live performances


20:00 – 22:00

Friday, 16/ 11/2007

Sessions and Speeches


Confiscation of Land and Expansion of Settlements


(3) Al-Quds in Zionist Ideology and Practice

10:00 –11:30

Jumah prayer and lunch break

11:30 -14:00

Life in Al-Quds: Social, Economic & Educational Aspects


(4) Heritage & Civilization of Al-Quds

14:00 – 15:30

Residence in Al-Quds: Reality & Challenges

(5) Al Quds: The Responsibility of the Ummah & the Role of Scholars

15: 30 – 17:00
17:00 – 17: 30

Judaization of Al-Quds until year 2010

(6) Al-Quds in the Ottoman memory and archives
17:30 – 19:00

Poetry and live performances

19:30 – 22:00




Saturday, 17/ 11/2007

Sessions and Speeches


Responsibility of Professional Unions towards Al-Quds


(7) The Role of the 'West'

10:00 –11:30

The Role of Arab and International Media towards Al-Quds


(8) Human Rights in Al-Quds

11:45 -13:00

Prayer and lunch break

13:00 – 15:30

The Role of Women towards Al-Quds

(9) Responsibility of the United Nations towards Al-Quds
15: 30 – 17:00

Break & Prayer

17:00 – 17: 30

The role of art and culture towards Al-Quds

(6) How Can the Palestinians Defend their Rights?

17:30 – 19:00


Closing Ceremony & live performance

19:30 – 22:00

Al-Quds International Forum

Al-Quds International Forum  is an  international, humanitarian demonstration for al-Quds (Jerusalem). The Forum is organized by an initiative from al-Quds International Institution, with cooperation of Turkey’s Waqf (Religious Endowment) for Volunteering Organizations (TGTV) and the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World. Participation includes many institutions, associations, federations, and networks, reaching the Arab-Turkish Islamic and Christian, regional and global communities.

Al-Quds International Forum is a milestone in the modern history of al-Quds. It is a station where Community Based Organizations (CBOs) around the world meet to embrace the authentic identity of the city, its culture and holiness, its structure and people, and its lands, the key of war and peace in the region as well as in the whole world.  These associations meet to support its heritage, the legacy of humanity and its fortune with its richness, variability, co-living and individuality. It is a legacy that teaches humanity lessons of peace and security, along with sparks of war and hatred.

Al-Quds International Forum is a significant stop in which people of all classes reject bogeying the tranquility and greatness of this city, and Fix the rights of its people in it. They rebuff any change, alternation, or forging; and declare that the ‘denied’ is ‘unacceptable’ by coming or with the matter-of-fact ruling.

Al-Quds International Forum is a humanitarian demonstration comprising a variety of facets, variety of races, languages, religions, and cultures. It is a hand spread to release the harness from the crucified holly neck, to keep the living pulse. It is a hand that pushes away the scalpel that tears the face of al-Quds… and the face of civilization.

The International Declaration for al-Quds

Works of the forum will be focused on concluding a historical, humanitarian, international document. That document will form the declaration of principles that confirms the historical rights for the Palestinian people in al-Quds and Palestine. It also emphasizes that al-Quds with its holy sites is a humanitarian heritage of religious, cultural, civilization, and historical that make the issue of defending it a collective humanitarian mission. Above all, it confirms that occupation does not prolong by age-old, and that the settlements and eradicating of the Arab, Islamic and Christian identity, and forging history, displacing of people, and changing the borders would never be accepted since it’s imposed as a matter-of-fact situation. 

Other Goals of Forum

To transcribe Declaration of Istanbul into a plan of action and fact, the Forum seeks to come up with the following:
1. “A Document for those working for al-Quds” to coordinate and organize the relation between the people working for al-Quds, and enhancing understanding and joint work to safeguard the humanitarian heritage and Islamic and Christian holiness.
2. Agreements of Twin work between Palestinian institutions and those of al-Quds and their co-institutions in the world on one hand, and international institutions active in similar domains, on the other.

3. Forming a Follow-up Committee to adapt a project of an international humanitarian movement to protect al-Quds and the legal rights of the Palestinian people. Also, it stands against plans and execution of the Zionist Judaization of al-Quds, racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing.

Venue of Forum

View of the venue on Google Maps

"View of the venue on Google Maps"

In Istanbul, a city in the center of the world that extends a bridge among its civilizations, we meet to support al-Quds, the world’s Capital of Holiness.

*Activities will be conducted in Feshane International Fair Congress and Culture Center. It is similar to a huge conference city, fully equipped to ensure success of such a Forum.

Participants in inviting

In addition to the three inviting associations, other organizations have contributed in invitations to help the Forum become a success:

The International Network for Organizations Working for al-Quds

The International Federation for the Islamic Olama

The Arab National Conference

The Islamic National Conference

The General Conference for the Arab Parties

Federation of Islamic Organizations inEurope

Union of Arab MDs

Union of Arab Engineers

InternationalUnion of Arab Laborers Syndicates

Union of Arab Teachers

Union of Arab Youth

Middle East Churches Council

Union of Arab Agronomists

International League of Parliament Members Defending the Palestinian Cause

International Forum for Islamic Parliament Members

The International Campaign for Resisting Aggression

FederalUnion of Arab Students

Organization of Afro-Asian People Solidarity

International Conference to Support Intifada

Legal Support Funding for the Palestinians

The Higher Islamic Association in al-Quds


General Union of Arab Women

Team of Islamic Christian Dialogue

Arab Youth Forum

Union of Arab lawyers

and Others...

Nature of Participation

You are invited to participate by being there. You can take role by relaying your experiences and thoughts. You are also invited to participate in the variety of exhibitions and galleries of photos, drawings, products, books, media productions and art; or to adopt remarkable activities you wish to communicate to this global demonstration for al-Quds.

You are invited to be a hand that makes history and marks its pen on the Declaration of Istanbul; a heart that bears the noblest of all meanings of humanity for al-Quds; a mind that pours thoughts and creativity; a body that sacrifices all efforts to accomplish commitments the hand has written to its Holiness.

Programs and Guests

Program: The general schedule consists of discussions to be held by guests, intellectuals and scholars about the city regarding issues of holiness, legacy, state and people’s situations. It will also include stories from witnesses who live in the city and inhale its air.

In addition to the general agenda, several discussion sessions will be conducted aiming at exchanging of experiences and demonstrating thoughts and ideas, initiatives, experiences and achievements. Other sessions are concerned with ratifying agreements and memoranda of understanding that embody the Declaration of Istanbul.
Guests: In order for this forum to illustrate a humanitarian demonstration, participation door will be open to all delegates of the many exhibitions prepared: photo galleries, arts of painting and caricatures, products of the city or “Supporter of Al-Quds”, book and media exhibition, documentaries, artistic shows for al-Quds in different languages and cultures. The nights of the conference days seek to illustrate humanity and globalization of the Capital of Holiness.  

Date of Forum

The Forum will be held on November 15-17, 2007, for three days. The date chosen is only few days before the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, assigned on November 29th, and the 40th Commemoration of the complete occupation of al-Quds.

For Hotel Reservations

Hoca Üveyz Mah. Battalgazi sk. No.37/A
Tel :      +90-212-533 08 22   
              +90-212-533 08 45     
Fax :     +90-212-533 81 94
Mobile: +90-5365959465
Fatih V. D.  :871 050 1360

Additional Useful Information

Currency:    the new Turkish Lira (formerly one million lira)
$1.00 U.S.D. =   1.37 Turkish Liras
€1.00 Euro    =    1.85 Turkish Liras

18-20 degrees Celsius during the days of the Forum
Time Difference:  +2 Greenwich meantime
Internet Code: .tr
International Call Code:  +90

For more information

General Secretary of al Quds Institution:
Dr. Mohammad Akram al Adlouni
Phone No.
00961 1 751724/5
Fax No.
00961 1 751726

Chairman of the Preparation Committee:
Mr. Maen Bashour
Mobile No.
00961 3 471800
Telefax No.
00961 1 352356

Forum Secretariat:

Phone No.
00961 1 751724/5

Fax No.
00961 1 751726

Mobile No.
00961 3 946016


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