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Who are we?


The organization was founded and started its activities on 22 December 1994 in Istanbul.

TGTV is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, carrying out several activities that aim to contribute to the cultural, economical and social   development of Turkey.

To ensure these goals

TGTV publishes books and translates works that cast light upon the socio-political situation as well as files, reports and periodicals about current events of Turkey.
Within different periods, TGTV undertakes various enlightening and informative conferences, seminars and similar organizations on socio-economic and strategic structure of Turkey for concerned and distinguished people.

One of the main projects of the foundation is to collect documents from Ottoman archives in Turkey in preparation for a book on NGOs history in order to cast light upon the existence of the civil society initiative in our society’s traditions. In the process of collecting those manuscripts, they will be transcribed to be ready for the use of academic research members.

Furthermore, TGTV Foundation has an internet website on which it gives information about important events to its member organizations and broadcasts news in Turkish, English at, and Arabic in near future.

With all above its goals and activities, TGTV Foundation as an umbrella organization , is progressing to be a centre of information, documentation and activities regarding NGO issues in co-operation with local (in Turkey) NGOs, International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) and other International NGOs.

TGTV Foundation, from the date it was founded till now, organized large countrywide symposiums and reflected the opinions expressed by the intellectuals and scholars in these important gatherings to the public opinion. Here are the titles of these symposiums:

 “The Changing World and Turkey”,
“Cultural, Educational, Legal and Foreign Policy Issues of Turkey”, 
“National Goals of Turkey”,
“Security and Administration Strategies”,
“The Goals of Turkey in the 21st Century”,
“Rethinking of Turkey”,
“The Democratic Republic”

TGTV sent its representatives to the several national or international large scale conferences,
1- The Council of Public Education (Ankara)
2- Freedom to the Faiths (Budapest)
3- World Summit of the Sustainable Development (Johannesburg) 4- JHU NGO Symposium (İstanbul), National Quality Congress (Istanbul)
5- International NGO Fair, Macedonia
6- The Relations of Turkey and Morocco: Current Position and Future Perspectives, Tangier – Teouan, Morocco
TGTV Foundation organized these grand symposiums at the recent years:

1. Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in a Democratic State of Law,
     08 - 09 November 1997, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul

2. Congress of Democracy,
         27-28 May 1998, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul

3. Freedom of Religion and Conscience in a Democratic State of Law,
    04 - 05 November 2000, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul

4. Where is Turkey Heading with regards to its Economy, Society, Politics, Culture and Education,
28 April 2002, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Istanbul

5. International Conference on A New Perspective for the NGOs of the Islamic World in a New Environment of Challenges and Change, 30 April – 1 May 2005, Topkapı Hotel Eresin, Istanbul

TGTV also hosted the International Union of Muslim Scholars Second General Assembly at Istanbul in 2006 July.
Outstanding NGO representatives, intellectuals and politicians of the country such as the members of the parliament, ministers and the ¬leaders of the parties participated at all of these symposiums. The final communiqués declared at the end of the symposiums had very positive repercussions on the media and got deep effects in the public opinion.
In order to make these positive effects permanent, it published books that copied all the discussions made during each symposium and served them to the public use.

TGTV, also, declared and announced its opinions and recommendations to the public opinion regarding the important issues which were on the agenda of the country through its bulletins, its internet web site and by making tens of press statements.

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